Steve Couper                                        Wildlife Photographer

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I started out in life with a passion for the outdoors and everything that lived in it.

I also used to take a few pictures.....

Many years later I find I am still doing exactly that, but that my photography skills

have improved and I have honed in on exactly what makes my hair fly back.

Exploring the wilderness areas of New Zealand's South Island with

a camera has taught me a lot about the animals I photograph and about myself.

Visiting my favourite places at the dawn of a new day always fills me with expectation.

 No day is the same, the animals and the landscapes they live in are amazing, patience is everything.

….. I love all of it

The resource I have created is for everyone. Great quality wildlife and landscape images for

individuals or for commercial clients who need top quality professional photos and videos

to create a strong brand presence, build their business and entice more customers.

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