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My love of photography evolved early in life, with many hours spent in the darkroom developing and printing my own photographs, which eventually led to digital photography and the creation of a career I am passionate about.
I have enjoyed a few distractions along the way - chasing gold in the rivers of Central Otago, dabbling as a fly-fishing guide, cooking in busy restaurants in Queenstown and the outback of Australia.
I also discovered the film industry and have worked on countless international TV commercials and many films for the big screen as part of the crew in the camera department. I continue to gain inspiration from this group of talented people, and this industry has also helped me to develop my photography and camera skills.
My career as a photographer has seen me working for many high-profile international companies, plus New Zealand-based companies who needed my expertise to promote their businesses on the international stage.
Exploring the wilderness areas of New Zealand's South Island with a camera has taught me a lot about the animals I photograph and about myself. Visiting my favourite places at the dawn of a new day always fills me with expectation.
No day is the same, the animals and the landscapes they live in are amazing, patience is everything….and I love all of it.
Best in Show - Dallas Safari Club Photography Competition - 2023
Best Landscape - Dallas Safari Club Photography Competition - 2023
Winner – New Zealand MSD Deer Industry Photography Competition 2020

Third place – New Zealand MSD Deer Industry Photography Competition 2020

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